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It’s our favorite time of the year here at GD! While we gear up to go home for the holidays, we envision the amazing holiday food we’ve been craving for 10 months, count down the best, and last of the year and reflect on what we are truly grateful for. Here at GD, we have list of things to be thankful for including being a part of the Collegiate Greek community. We took it to the Yard this Thanksgiving season to ask some Greeks what some of their favorite traditions, community service projects, and holiday dishes are.

Patience, the ever most important virtue, is on the top of Sebastian Tavarez’s (Sigma Lambda Beta, Brooklyn College) ‘reasons to be thankful this holiday season’ list. “Patience; it has given me the opportunity to constantly learn and have the ability to teach, as well as given me a new appreciation for the people around me.” By his ability to teach, he is referring to his favorite community service project, InTandem. The project design includes becoming a captain of a team that works to help blind individuals bike around NYC, where Sebastian is from. We took to the yard 2,500 miles West to sunny California (represent!) and asked Stefanie Moran (Lambda Theta Nu, CSUN) what her favorite community service projects during the holidays season are. She let us in on The Help Group, an organization that’s helps children with special needs around the community. Every Christmas they have a fair where they provide food, clothes, and hand picked presents for special needs children, their families and all moderate to low-income families in the area. For Greek organizations across the nation, this season not only signals a new academic year filled with new classes, new members and new opportunities to give back to communities, it also allows for time of reflection, where they internalize all the experiences of being in school and being members of the Greek community. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and Education is definitely one of the most noted reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving. When asked, Stefanie said she is “most thankful for my family and for the love and support we have for each other, and most importantly for my education that I know will lead me to great opportunities”. Being members of the Greek community not only affords us the opportunity to engage our communities through service projects, we get reminded of the privilege an education is and how important it is to get an education and to share our newly gained knowledge. Speaking of sharing,

Nothing says sharing like holiday foods, especially the home made dishes we wish we could eat year round. We asked around the Yard some favorite dishes and couldn’t agree more with the replies! Coquito, tamales, pineapple turkey, panes con pavo, pupusas, chuchitos, and some good ol’ mac and cheese are the top picks for the holiday season! Junior Monzon (Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. SFSU Alumni) recalls his favorite thanksgiving tradition as waking up on thanksgiving to get in line at the panaderia(bakery) with his grandma to have bread for their panes con pavo. “ Coming home and having a huge family dinner is what I am definitely most thankful for!” Junior shared with me a huge grin. We could almost taste the food and feel the hearts filling up with love, that’s what this time is all about.Jalissa Jimenez (Lambda Theta Alpha, St. John’s University) shared with us her favorite family tradition she partakes in every Thanksgiving that consists of sharing the story of how Thanksgiving came to be with all the younger kids around the dinner table and ending with a family prayer. All in all, we can agree that there is no better time to take a moment and take note of the things that we are grateful for this year.

We would love to hear from you suggestions, recommendations, or even recipes to some of your favorite dishes. Knowledge is learning, and learning is living, and we would love to be apart of your every-day! From all of us at Greek Designz, we’re wishing you a great and well -dressed 2015 holiday season!

Good Vibes always and  Happy Holidays! GD

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