About Us

We are a custom apparel design and manufacturing company for Greek Organizations specializing in Silkscreening & Embroidery services as well as leather goods, bags and graduation regalia. As a company, we strive to work with the National Boards of organizations to provide affordable top quality apparel while creating fundraising opportunities on a national and local scale.

As a team comprised of fellow Greeks we are also committed to giving back to the community. When we are not in the lab working on ways to improve organizations’ brand, we are in the field looking for ways to accelerate our communities across the country.


“The Trend Setter”

Karina Campos's transcendent personality, heightened awareness and her commitment to advancing communities brings freshness to our brand. She gets her confidences from her pep talks in the mirror every morning.

“The Visionary”

Fina Perez is known for her ability to dream big and achieve her goals, this daring entrepreneur is fueled by her passions. She won’t be caught leaving the house without her cafecito and a twist of chocolate.

“The Enthusiast

Yessenia Dessis (graphic designer) love of design and eye for detail allow her to capture the team’s vision and bring it to life. Though she claims to be shy, this social Owl may even get caught making sound effects in our team meetings.

“The Social Butterfly”

Andrea Rodriguez's vivacious attitude exudes in all aspects of her life, even to her social media presence. With a hustler spirit, theres never something she can’t handle. Instagram is her #1 most visited page.

“The Chameleon”

Grace Porras is a jack of all trades, her versatility and enormous personality breathes life to the team. Whether at the office, on the stage or on set she’s clutch.

The Team

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